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Week One: Clarity, a Chance Encounter, and a nine-month game of Snakes-&-Ladders

Running a marathon is so much more than 26.2 miles, and the time running on the day. In my case this one will take at least eight or nine months depending which of my candidate events it turns out to … Continue reading

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2013: a Marathon year. Hopefully. But with a difference.

I have often commented that there is a world of difference between “going for a run” and “Training” (and, yes, the capital-T was deliberate).  I am about to cross that line once more, but this time on a marathon scale. … Continue reading

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Meandering on New Year’s Eve

During a New Year’s Eve run my mind wandered over these topics, taking stock. This is how I run. On “Planet John” each is distilled into a 140-character nugget to be recognised, favourited, retweeted:  however in the real world I … Continue reading

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