Meandering on New Year’s Eve

During a New Year’s Eve run my mind wandered over these topics, taking stock. This is how I run.

On “Planet John” each is distilled into a 140-character nugget to be recognised, favourited, retweeted:  however in the real world I don’t have that knack which I admire so much. So…


2012: many glorious runs, some trudges; 2 perfectly-managed half-marathons; my first-ever DNF plus a long injury layoff. But I’m back now, running Half distance again, good endurance and largely pain-free.

2013: rebuilding with care, run with TARS and joy, not pain. And maybe…. see the entry from April, it’s still true…. hear it?


2012: rediscovered. Yorks 3 Peaks and solo trip to the Lakes for epic Yewbarrow/Mosedale Horseshoe day. Reaquaintance with my nemesis Kirkfell, respectfully topped only after a slightly hairy encounter with an intimidating, monumental, wet lonely black chockstone.

2013: make time, take the tent again. Unfinished business with Fairfield.


2012: …and we’ve had our ups & downs (ups & downs)! But at the end of the year TOMA finally happened: open mind, fingers-crossed, lets wait & see. Dirty-rich Leeds? Maybe a bit more enjoyable, if that’s not too much to ask?

2013: just now can’t see much beyond Sat, FA Cup 3rd round and my daughter’s first match! More Ups&Downs, no doubt, and I’ll continue to #MOT, whatever it brings. Because that’s what you do.


2012: surprised in many ways that I’m still here and it’s not been easy; but, I’ve learned lots, and fee-income is up 40% which can’t be bad.

2013: onwards & upwards in an industry with equal opportunity & chaos. Pick from UCC, BYOD, M2M, ip-Tel, 4G, Cloud, IoT… plus regulators and a stumbling economy. Keep calm, and do more with it.


2012: Rated “Good” (step up, under new regime too!) by Ofsted, SIAS “Outstanding” so we’ve done something right. Weary of herding cats I’ve said I’ll stand down as Chair this year.

2013: Continue to ask for a little more, while putting our arm round the staff and resisting the rising tide of fear and intimidation. Fight to remind Gove he’s dealing with people, families, CHILDREN not robots.


2012-13 So much going on! I continue to be more proud of them than they will ever know, though I do say so, always.

It’s hard being the weak link, but I will try to do better. I am very trying.


Olympic highlight: going with daughter to see Womens Marathon, a lifetime memory. A special buzz all over London, everyone waiting back to the very end to still cheer for the slowest runner (East Timor) and the hobbled Irish girl.

Blood: I properly got my act together this year. Now 132 donations in all, whole-blood and platelets (150 in 2013?). If I continue to tweet  about it, maybe just one person will give it a try and I will have made a difference.

Somewhere along the way I scored 2/10 in…

  • discovered twitter. Like-minded people, and not-so-like-minded; new perspectives and learning; great work source; fun. Ultimately therapeutic, easing the fear of not knowing; able to get off my mind what’s on my mind.
  • started a blog: for me, but someone special favourited something I wrote! Rediscovered the joy of writing and expression. Maybe this year I may allow my mind to wander further afield?
  • tried yoga – in my case of the inept hippo school, but surprisingly impactful. If I ever find out how to do it properly who knows….!?

And 2013? master the art of 140-characters; blog more; grunt less.

If you’ve got this far then I wish you a very happy 2013.

Now, look up your local blood-donor centre, walk in and ask them about an appointment: go on, make a new-year-resolution that will REALLY make a difference.


About johntleeds

In amongst the perpetual juggling of work, family and things on my mind, this is MY time, MY escape. Any this is what my mind comes up with when it has time to wonder, as I wander on the trails... twitter @johntleeds
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