Week 15: Perspective

It’s been a couple of weeks since I updated this blog, and even that was under Fundraising rather than the main heading. There have been a couple of reasons I have stalled:-

  • The Boston Marathon bombing threw me.
    London, silent shortly before sticking two fingers up

    London, silent shortly before sticking two fingers up

    It took me a while to understand why, but then Duns pointed it out to me (in a post which anyone contemplating a marathon should read)  by spotting that every runner felt attacked. Then came the London Marathon: the carnival set off by a moving and profound spell of silence, followed by a joyous two-fingers-up to anyone who thinks they can stop us running. There was a lot written during that spell, but take a minute for this stunning description of care for loved ones BostonPrayersand strangers, bewildered runners not knowing how to stop, and small immense gestures of kindness. In the very last lines especially, the writer absolutely nails it in just a few words.

  • I have been distracted by some work issues. There is nothing new in that, and we all impossibly juggle our running into bandwidth that we don’t really have: but I may just finally be on the verge of a major breakthrough. Maybe; or f***ed, one of the two.
  • A different health issue: probably nothing, I expect, but it’s hovering…
  • School-governor business flaring up. Aggravation which could have been avoided with a modicum of anticipation, and the courtesy of a little respect.
  • About a month ago I hurt my back. Nothing too dramatic, just a stab as I heaved an overloaded laptop-bag into the back of the car, but then more of tear later as I bent to lift a box of papers. It stopped me running properly for about ten days, and I was annoyed, but at the same time relatively relaxed because it wasn’t actually a “proper” running injury: not like a knee, or hamstring or [cue: pantomime-villain music, dah-dah-dahhh!] The Calf. Then this last weekend – two weeks before Leeds Half – peaking nicely and 40 mins into a cruising planned-16-miler I came off the grass onto a farm-road and a steep jarring downhill… and it went again. 

So now my Leeds Half is in doubt. I should be effing-and-blinding and distraught at the loss of miles and training, and of missing another event (especially as it practically goes past home). But I was quite calm, in the circumstances: it’s not a proper running-injury, after all, and I have time. This year is about the autumn, the Robin Hood Marathon. I always knew there would be challenges and doubt along the way.

I always say, it’s a very long journey to the start-line. I have time.

Then today, I read this. How pathetic am I? (Bad back, yer gret Jessie… as in: can’t get off it, boom-boom!)

One of the many very moving quotes I read around Boston was:

“If they wanted to break the human spirit,

they made a big mistake picking on marathoners.”

If it seems there has been a negative streak in this post: far from it. Among many others, one thing which you gain permanently from overcoming the many challenges of training for and then completing a marathon, is the will and strength to keep battling on. My “runner’s high” goes beyond the adrenaline and endorphins: these dark times are more than outweighed by the joy of running, the power of life. 

Things aren’t always easy, but the key word is “more”.

Random Thought Of the Week

Why do clapped-out old coaches have “Executive Travel” painted on them? When did you ever see Messrs Branson or Sugar doing their commute in one of those?

Week 15 Index

Runs 4; Miles 22.6; Long 9.8; Other 2

Body: Calf is still there, but ok. Stamina is good and growing. I’ve crossed from just running, to training. Back problem will pass.

Spirits: OK. I’m running; I have time. I can miss Leeds if I have to.


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In amongst the perpetual juggling of work, family and things on my mind, this is MY time, MY escape. Any this is what my mind comes up with when it has time to wonder, as I wander on the trails... twitter @johntleeds
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