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In amongst the perpetual juggling of work, family and things on my mind, this is MY time, MY escape. Any this is what my mind comes up with when it has time to wonder, as I wander on the trails... twitter @johntleeds

One last time…

Robin Hood weekend has always been one of the fixtures of my year, a date around which my year is oriented. I love autumn; and that morning in my old home town by the Trent (along with the bright mistiness … Continue reading

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50 Half marathons… & the end of the road

Well, its has been a struggle, but I have made it to the startline of this year’s Robin Hood Half Marathon. This will be my 50th Half Marathon. It will also be my 19th at Robin Hood (yes, I’m a … Continue reading

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From the other side of the drinks table

This article was first published on Run Leeds on 30/08/2017. I have had the new experience a couple of times in the last year, of acting as a volunteer at two race events. One is the Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10k … Continue reading

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Running into my Fourth Age… or maybe not at all

I nearly closed this blog at the turn of the year. Not because I don’t have things to say, but rather because I don’t have the bandwidth these days to set it down. In the end I renewed the fee … Continue reading

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“They think it’s all over…!?”

We’ve all done it. That is, had an injury and carried on running despite it, through it. We tell ourselves we will loosen it, or burn it off, or that the exercise will help it repair. On occasion we keep … Continue reading

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Race Review: Harewood House Half Marathon (No 2)

You know that feeling when something is SO GOOD you feel sure that doing it again may be a disappointment? Well, the British Heart Foundation Harewood Half Marathon was every bit as good on its second running as first time … Continue reading

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Half-Marathon No 45: me and my body going for a run…

It’s the night before a race; and once more I have that delicious mix of uncertainty and excitement. A half-marathon, this will be my 45th so I’m not exactly a novice; but this will be the first time I have … Continue reading

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