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Resilience, and a marathon start-line

Last summer, as I was trying to convince myself that things were ok, I wrote that I didn’t feel that in my heart. I think those were the most pained words I have written here. I had recently had a … Continue reading

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The Marathon Widows’ and Orphans’ Survival Guide

This blog has become somewhat introspective in recent months (that is, when I have not been AWOL all together). I have had cause, mind you: things have been a little challenging, to say the least, but I now have light … Continue reading

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To sponsor, or not to sponsor?… that is the question

Well I’ve finally got my head round it. My problem with asking for sponsorship for my autumn race was that in my head it really needed to be a full 26.2-mile marathon. In the past I have used my full … Continue reading

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29 Weeks. 104 Runs. 606 Miles. It’s over.

Let’s recap.  I have run for many years and T-A-R-S came about because I realised a few years ago that as I got older I couldn’t keep pushing my body to go faster and beat the last time. So I … Continue reading

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Weeks 26 and 27 (or, -11 and -10 to go): Ladders, juggling, and the Blerch

[psst!: it’s week-8 really, I did write this earlier but it’s published late due to holiday-cyber-gremlins. I’m now back from holidays and will update the last 2 weeks any day now…!] Snakes & ladders Last time I wrote it was … Continue reading

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12 weeks to go. Training by Snakes & Ladders

There is a reason why I haven’t blogged my progress in six weeks, and the reason is that although I have sat down to write many times, the outcome has always been “How the hell do I write this?” Today … Continue reading

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Week 19 = 18 to go! Half time, change ends, cup of tea

Well. This has been a memorable week; and some of it for good reasons. But as the running community goes about its races in Windsor and London and Manchester and (especially, I still fancy this one) the Edinburgh Marathon, they … Continue reading

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