Aiming for my (possibly last) Marathon in 2103 I wanted to help two charities. In the event I had to put my run on hold for health reasons, but by then had already started my fundraising and pressed on, albeit with the reduced focus of a half-marathon. Having hassled everybody last year I don’t think it is appropriate to  go back now and say “Actually I am doing a marathon after all, so get your cheque-book out again…”, but please take a moment to read on anyway.

Both of the two charities are small and little-known in which case they don’t get much airtime or public sponsorship.

For both, I believe one of the main issues faced by the people who need them is not knowing where to go for help. If I can raise some funds then fine, but it may well be that I can do more good by giving them some airtime and visibility and encouraging people to circulate their details.

I hope that neither you nor anyone you know will need them, but if the need arises maybe you will remember a bookmark or webpage. 

I realise people have many demands for help and simply cannot do everything – their own causes; family and friends and neighbours and school; and of course their running and other contacts, each with their own good causes. So if you cant sponsor me that’s fine, but I will ask that you look at my two causes and pass their details on to a few family and friends. Just in case.

Grief Encounter Project

b-eat Beating Eating Disorders

I’ll take your money, your emails, your blogpages and tweets… whatever, Im not proud!

Help me fight the ignorance and darkness; help me help the people who need help.

If you can donate, my fundraising page here is now closed but you could contact the charities directly, or send me a message here on via twitter @johntleeds and I’ll come round with a giant sack for your spare cash. Thank you.


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