Eating Disorders – 5 things you may not know

  • No-one knows how many people in the UK are affected. Shockingly, there has been no systematic attempt to measure it. Some estimates say there are 1.6m sufferers; whatever, you can be sure there are many more who have not come forward.
  • Only 10% of cases are anorexia. Bulimia is four-times that amount.
  • This doesn’t affect just teenage girls: peoples of all ages – and men – are also affected.
  • Men are anything from 10% to a quarter of sufferers. Last year cricketer and all-round-bloke Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff said he had struggled with an eating disorder.
  • Eating disorders are not a fashion, or passing teenaged fad. They are a serious mental illness. But help is available.

Source: b-eat Facts & Figures                                       Please sponsor me here.

More info and help: b-eat website

b-eat Factsheets: including “Men and Eating Disorders” and “Information for Athletes”



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